Coolguye posted: I wish I could find the screencaps on the wiki of the time Pope went absolutely fucking apeshit on Chemistry. He murdered all the Chemists, and deleted everything that could potentially be used to do chemistry, even in the kitchen. He sent announcements at each step in this process, getting more and more furious each time someone found some other way to do chemistry on the station. Dozens of people asked "what did the chemists do???" over and over again. And the next CentCom announcement simply stated: 'THEY EXISTED.' PopeCrunch posted: I couldn't figure out how you goatfuckers STILL managed to be terrorists with potato chips and water. YOU FOUND A WAY. I had two coders on IRC combing through reactions trying to figure out exactly how you motherless fucks were managing to make potato chips and water into explosives, and they had no fucking idea. It shouldn't have been possible. It couldn't have been possible. I fear for the safety of the world if the people who managed to find a way to do murders with mother fucking potato chips and goddamned water ever get recruited by a real world terrorist organization. The headlines the next day will read something like WE'RE ALL FUCKED: SOME NERD KILLS 3/4 OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION WITH A USED BANDAID AND THE SQUEAKER FROM A DOG TOY. THIS SECURITY PHOTO SHOWS THE SUSPECT PURCHASING A STICK OF GUM. DOES HE WANT FRESH BREATH, OR IS HE FINISHING THE JOB? OUR ONLY CONSOLATION IS THAT WE WILL PROBABLY NEVER SEE IT COMING. FILM AT 11 IF WE'RE LUCKY. OR UNLUCKY. FUCK IT. WHATEVER. -(AP) edit to add: I would like to thank the Maker's Mark Distillery for providing me with the liquid courage to have made it through that terrible time