Dauntasa posted: Woah, why'd you have to send shit to the FBI? Dr. Cogwerks Some weirdo was making rapey and creepy comments in game one night at about one AM. I yelled at them, they responded with a couple weird cryptic messages and then this, roughly: "well thanks for all the fun times here, i've got my rifle loaded and i'm gonna be shooting up a school full of kids in the morning, so this is goodbye" User key was his first initial and last name with a number, that same account name was also used by a certain college student's blog and google+ page. Found his city and college from those, and the IP address he was playing from matched the ip registry for that college. Submitted the admin log, ip and timestamps to the FBI's online tips form, got several frantic calls back from city police and FBI agents over the next several hours and ended up getting calls from various detectives and fbi agents every hour or so from one am to three pm. No goddamn sleep. Dude's dorm room was raided and he was arrested within about three hours of his comments, dorm was searched, computer taken to forensics, all that jazz. I dunno what happened past that though. I did have to write up some incident reports and attach a whole bunch of supplementary text and pictures about what ss13 is, how we log player communications and login info, how people find the game, how people register for the game, and a whole bunch of other stuff like that. Somewhere there's a screenshot in an FBI evidence folder showing a bunch of regular players farting, because it was impossible to find any portion of the game chat panel WITHOUT farting. goddamn you all