17:11:50 Shinmera | Oh yeah baby, finally got the shader pipeline working with Flow. | 17:18:00 Pixel_Outl+| Why are the pots blurry? Is that an effect 17:19:39 Shinmera | Look on the left. 17:21:48 add^_ | cool 17:22:55 Shinmera | So you can now define effect passes like this | and the system figures out | everything for you. Properties, including shader facets, are inherited as usual with CLOS. 17:22:56 plexi | [trial/effects.lisp at master · Shirakumo/trial · GitHub] - 17:24:15 Shinmera | When you create a shader pipeline, you simply instantiate what you want, connect the | appropriate inputs and outputs, and fbos, textures, etc are allocated as optimally as | possible without any further work necessary. 17:25:59 Pixel_Outl+| Oh box blur ok. 17:26:10 Pixel_Outl+| Nice work Shinmera 17:27:10 Pixel_Outl+| That's cool you can chain multiple effects together. Makes sense. 17:27:41 Shinmera | Not just chain together, but form arbitrary DAGs. I don't have any more complicated stages | written right now, but it's certainly possible.