An exception occurred in context #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X05DEBB80): #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X05DEC810). (Exception code: 3221226356) [Condition of type SB-WIN32:EXCEPTION] Restarts: 0: [CONTINUE] Return from the exception handler 1: [RETRY] Retry EVAL of current toplevel form. 2: [CONTINUE] Ignore error and continue loading file "C:\\msys64\\home\\selwyn\\kandria-debug.lisp". 3: [ABORT] Abort loading file "C:\\msys64\\home\\selwyn\\kandria-debug.lisp". 4: [RETRY] Retry SLIME REPL evaluation request. 5: [*ABORT] Return to SLIME's top level. --more-- Backtrace: 0: (SB-KERNEL:HANDLE-WIN32-EXCEPTION #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X05DEBB80) #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X05DEC810)) 1: ("foreign function: #x42E41B") 2: ("foreign function: #x40425D") 3: ((:METHOD TRIAL:SHOW (TRIAL-GLFW:CONTEXT)) #<TRIAL-GLFW:CONTEXT {1002A86F43}> :FULLSCREEN NIL) [fast-method] 4: ((SB-PCL::EMF INITIALIZE-INSTANCE) #<unused argument> #<unused argument> #<TRIAL-GLFW:CONTEXT {1002A86F43}> :HANDLER NIL :WIDTH 1280 :HEIGHT 720 :VSYNC T :FULLSCREEN NIL :VERSION (3 3) :PROFILE :CORE .. 5: ((:METHOD MAKE-INSTANCE (CLASS)) #<STANDARD-CLASS TRIAL-GLFW:CONTEXT> :HANDLER NIL :WIDTH 1280 :HEIGHT 720 :VSYNC T :FULLSCREEN NIL :VERSION (3 3) :PROFILE :CORE :TITLE "Kandria - 0.0.4-9908ff5" :RESI.. 6: ((:METHOD INITIALIZE-INSTANCE :AFTER (TRIAL:DISPLAY)) #<KANDRIA::MAIN {10026BE7B3}> :WIDTH 1280 :HEIGHT 720 :VSYNC T :FULLSCREEN NIL :CLEAR-COLOR (3D-VECTORS:VEC4 0.11764706 0.11764706 0.11764706 0.0)..