CL-USER> (ql:quickload "gsll") To load "gsll": Load 14 ASDF systems: alexandria asdf cffi cffi-grovel cffi-libffi cl-ppcre iterate lisp-unit metabang-bind named-readtables split-sequence static-vectors trivial-features trivial-garbage Install 2 Quicklisp releases: antik gsll ; Fetching #<URL ""> ; 1616.69KB ================================================== 1,655,490 bytes in 1.51 seconds (1069.95KB/sec) ; Fetching #<URL ""> ; 310.53KB ================================================== 317,981 bytes in 0.18 seconds (1764.37KB/sec) ; Loading "gsll" While evaluating the form starting at line 21, column 0 of #P"/home/xero/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/gsll-quicklisp-eeeda841-git/gsll.asd": ---------------------Debugger output---------------------------- Error while trying to load definition for system gsll from pathname /home/xero/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/gsll-quicklisp-eeeda841-git/gsll.asd: Unable to load any of the alternatives: ("" "" "" "" "" "") [Condition of type ASDF/FIND-SYSTEM:LOAD-SYSTEM-DEFINITION-ERROR] Restarts: 0: [RETRY] Try loading the foreign library again. 1: [USE-VALUE] Use another library instead. 2: [TRY-RECOMPILING] Recompile libffi and try loading it again 3: [RETRY] Retry loading FASL for #<CL-SOURCE-FILE "cffi-libffi" "libffi" "libffi">. 4: [ACCEPT] Continue, treating loading FASL for #<CL-SOURCE-FILE "cffi-libffi" "libffi" "libffi"> as having been successful. 5: [RETRY] Retry EVAL of current toplevel form. --more--