(defparameter *test-class* '("login" ("type" string) ("password" string))) (defparameter *test* '("login" ("type" "m.login.password") ("identifier" ("type" "") ("user" "cheeky-monkey")) ("password" "overanalysis"))) ;; (MAKE-INSTANCE |login| :|type| "m.login.password" :|identifier| ;; (MAKE-INSTANCE |identifier| :|type| "" |user| ;; "cheeky-monkey") ;; |password| "overanalysis") (defun get-class (string) (gethash string *requests-classes*)) (defmacro list-to-class-definition (list) "Given a list like *test-class* converts it into a class definition which is hidden with a gensym" ;;need to do a check to see if it exists already (let* ((name (gensym)) (slots (mapcar #'to-class-slot (rest list)))) (setf (gethash (first list) *requests-classes*) name) `(defclass ,name () ,slots))) (defun to-class-slot (list) (if (listp (second list)) (progn (list-to-class-definition list) (list (intern (first list)) :accessor (intern (first list)) :initarg (intern (first list) :keyword) :type (first list)) (list (intern (first list)) :accessor (intern (first list)) :initarg (intern (first list) :keyword) :type (second list))))) (defmacro list-to-jojo-method (list) (let ((name (get-class (first list)))) (if name (let ((jojo-method (mapcar (lambda (li) (to-wkv name li)) (rest list)))) `(defmethod jonathan:%to-json ((,name ,name)) (jojo:with-object ,@jojo-method))) (error "class not defined yet"))))