Starting cclasp-boehm-0.4.2-1429-g9b93c4af9-cst ... loading image... Condition of type: SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR core:instance-stamp was about to return a non-fixnum 0x194d Available restarts: (use :r1 to invoke restart 1) 1. (RETRY) Retry ASDF operation. 2. (CLEAR-CONFIGURATION-AND-RETRY) Retry ASDF operation after resetting the configuration. Top level in: #<PROCESS TOP-LEVEL @0x960dea9>. COMMON-LISP-USER> :backtrace 0: ((METHOD OPERATE ((SYMBOL T))) #<VA-LIST: (ASDF/LISP-ACTION:LOAD-OP :ASDF :VERBOSE NIL)> NIL) 1: LAMBDA 2: (LAMBDA) 3: (asdf.lisp-^10496^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.2482) 4: (asdf.lisp-^10496^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.2481) 5: (asdf.lisp-^10496^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.2480) 6: (LAMBDA) 7: (CALL-WITH-ASDF-SESSION #<FUNCTION LAMBDA> :OVERRIDE NIL :KEY NIL :OVERRIDE-CACHE NIL :OVERRIDE-FORCING NIL) 8: ((METHOD OPERATE ((:AROUND) (T T))) #<VA-LIST: (ASDF/LISP-ACTION:LOAD-OP :ASDF :VERBOSE NIL)> (#<FUNCTION CORE:REPL>)) 9: (LOAD-SYSTEM :ASDF :VERBOSE NIL) 10: (SYMBOL-CALL :ASDF :LOAD-SYSTEM :ASDF :VERBOSE NIL) 11: (asdf.lisp-^7653^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.1764) 12: (asdf.lisp-^7653^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.1763) 13: (asdf.lisp-^7653^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.1762) 14: (UPGRADE-ASDF) 15: (LAMBDA) 16: (asdf.lisp-^7711^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.1786) 17: (asdf.lisp-^7711^TOP-COMPILE-FILE.1785) 18: (CALL-WITH-ASDF-SESSION #<FUNCTION LAMBDA> :OVERRIDE NIL :KEY NIL :OVERRIDE-CACHE NIL :OVERRIDE-FORCING NIL) 19: ((METHOD OPERATE ((:AROUND) (T T))) #<VA-LIST: (ASDF/LISP-ACTION:LOAD-OP "quicklisp" :VERBOSE NIL)> (#<FUNCTION CORE:REPL>)) 20: (OOS ASDF/LISP-ACTION:LOAD-OP "quicklisp" :VERBOSE NIL) 21: (setup.lisp^129^TOP-LOAD.4) 22: (setup.lisp^129^TOP-LOAD.3) 23: (setup.lisp^129^TOP-LOAD.2) 24: (setup.lisp^129^TOP-LOAD.1) 25: (LAMBDA) 26: (LAMBDA) 27: (LAMBDA) COMMON-LISP-USER